arrow Sarcosuchus
Period of life:
133-112 MYA
Africa and Brazil
Sarcosuchus Dino Pet
Sarcosuchus is a giant crocodylomorph. Although its name means "flesh crocodile," it had little in common with crocodiles. This reptiles family extincted and had no more direct descendants.
Sarcosuchus inhabited Africa and Brazil warm freshwater basins during the Early Cretaceous. It fed on fish and small dinosaurs when it approached the water edge. Perfect diver was slow on shore. It did not pursue large prey because it was unable to do "death roll", as modern-days crocodiles do. However, the Sarcosuchus had a long snout that allowed it to capture large crossopterygians. Sarcosuchus has a hook-like outgrowth at the upper jaw. It sneaked to any reptile at the water edge, snapped it and dragged under water.