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Period of life:
72–66 MYA
Therizinosaurus Dino Pet
Therizinosaurus is a genus of therizinosaurid inhabited Mongolian territory during the Late Cretaceous period about 70 million years ago. The first Therizinosaurus remains were recovered in 1948 by Mongolian expeditions comprising local paleontologists and Soviet Union archaeologists. Gigantic one-metre claws were found among excavated specimens. It was the record long claw for a dinosaur. At first, the remains were thought to belong to gigantic turtle.
Later new expeditions discovered more remains comprising teeth, forelimb and hind limb fragments. Therizinosaurus is the most unique creature with strong forelimbs of 2.5 metres ending up with 60 cm claws. Superficially it resembled Freddy Krueger – a maniac villain from "A Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise. The reptile had more than decent size. It weighed 5 tonnes, was 9-10 metres long and 6 metres tall. Therizinosaurus had a long and massive neck along with small head. Its body was presumably coated with feathers as dinosaur inhabited wet forests with cold winters and showers.
Segnosaur and Erlikosaurus are considered the closest Therizinosaurus relatives, as all had similar skeletal structure. It fed on vegetation dragging the branches to the mouth with its long sharp claws. It also used the claws to stir up ant hills and termite moulds. Its diet also included insects and small lizards In case of predators attack Therizinosaurus defended with pinpoint spearing strikes. Its claws left stab-wounds on the attacker body causing sharp pain and bleeding.