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Period of life:
166–155 MYA
Liopleurodon Dino Pet
Liopleurodon is a well-known ruthless predator from the Pliosaur class which lived in the seas of the Jurassic period. It inhabited a European territory about 165-145 million years ago as at that time Europe was a shallow sea with many islands
Liopleurodon was the largest aquatic inhabitant and terrorized other species. Being 5-7 metres length and 2 tonnes weight, it was also armed with razor sharp 30-40 cm teeth and 3.5 metre long head. It could easily dismember a 3-metre long prey into two halves Three-metre long, powerful fins enabled it to move and, if necessary, the predator could chase and catch a fleeing marine reptile or fish. Sometimes terrestrial reptiles became the prey of Liopleurodon in the shallow coastal waters.
Liopleurodon was a smart carnivore. Thanks to its distinctive olfactory structure, it could remotely determine the direction of any approaching prey The reptile could take a full breath and wait for hours for a shark or plesiosaurus to come closer. Being a nocturnal carnivore, it left a prey no chance to escape. This giant could feel safe from other predators except from other Liopleurodon who were protecting their territory.