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Period of life:
130-125 MYA
Concavenator Dino Pet
The Concavenator is a humpy carnivorous reptile closely related to Acrocantosaurus. It inhabited Spain territory in the early Cretaceous period. Its name means "Cuenca hunter with a hump" because of the recovery place in the Cuenca province. This is the most mysterious dinosaur with almost nothing revealed about reptile’s life and habits. It definitely was carnivorous, attacking herbivores in the bushes or lake shores and was even capable of preying large animals like morelladon. The dinosaur was, however, smaller than its preys and pretty slow. It still unknown how it was capable of pinning down bigger and faster species.
Scientists assume Concavenators hunted in either a herd or solely ambushing a prey and sneaking it up like cats. Another dinosaur unusual feature is its hump. Paleontologists still do not even have a theory of its function. The only existing are a few hypothesis. Perhaps it was bright coloured and served for identification of its kind or scared off the attackers, or used for thermal regulation or mating rituals.
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