arrow Giraffatitan
Period of life:
150–145 MYA
Tanzania, East Africa
Giraffatitan Dino Pet
The Giraffatitan from Jurassic Brachiosaurus order was a huge powerful sauropod. The dinosaur roamed through Africa woodlands about 150-145 million years ago.
Giraffatitan had pretty light body structure. The weight was “only” 15-35 tonnes for the 25 metres height.
Interestingly enough the reptile was not capable of its 15-metre neck vertically positioning as well as species of its kind. It moved slowly on all four limbs with short wrists and feet. It definitely was not a skilled diver and the feed only included foliage and other similar vegetation.
It was granted the Guinness Book record for the tallest skeletal model in the Berlin Museum of Natural History. The total construction height reached 13.27 metres.