arrow Edmontosaurus
Period of life:
73–66 MYA
Canada, USA
Edmontosaurus Dino Pet
Edmontosaurus is a duck-billed hadrosaurid order dinosaur of the Late Cretaceous period inhabited North America about 70 million years ago. It was named after Canadian canyon Edmonton. Its fossils were recovered in North America rocky formations. The species of this genus reached 15 metres in length breaking a record for hadrosaurids.
Edmontosaurus had a bulky 4-tonnes body and moved on four limbs - powerful hind limbs and weaker and shorter forelimbs. If necessary, it could lean on hind limbs to reach tree top foliage. The one-meter long skull was triangular in profile with keratinized duck-like bill expanded to the jaw end. The mouth contained about 100 teeth packed into column-like dental batteries of six teeth each. Thus, it continuously replaced throughout the reptile lifespan. The reptile skin resembled that of Gila monster scale.
Edmontosaurus mostly inhabited the coasts and coastal plains, moving in herds foraging. The dinosaur diet included plants such as leaves, conifers, ferns and even cones. Edmontosaurus could have been preyed by furious Tyrannosaurus, which is evidenced by hadrosaurid remains recovered in Montana with the giant predators teeth marks left on the tail.