arrow Velociraptor
Period of life:
75-71 MYA
Mongolia, China
Velociraptor Dino Pet
Velociraptor is an Asian carnivorous maniraptoran of the Cretaceous period, lived around 75 million years ago. It was first recovered in the Gobi desert by Roy Chapman Andrews expedition in 1923. Velociraptor means "swift raptor." It was really fast, dangerous carnivorous dinosaur.
Light 20 kilograms weight and only 60 cm height did not decrease the reptile preying capabilities. It could reach up to 64km/h speed and ambushed a prey in a blink of an eye jumping on a back and wounding an animal with a curved claw and teeth. Then it began to deliver mortal wounds clawed at the prey skin and soft flesh of herbivorous dinosaurs.
The dinosaur long and narrow skull was packed with 50 sharp curved teeth. Skull holes made it light weighted. Large brain presumably made Velociraptor one of the smartest dinosaurs.
Scientists also assume the raptor had a plumage as it’s got ulna lumps normally hosting flight feathers.