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Period of life:
110-103 MYA
Muttaburrasaurus Dino Pet
Muttaburrasaurus is an ornithischian herbivorous dinosaur of the Cretaceous period related to ornithopod clade. It inhabited Earth about 106 million years ago. Its perfectly preserved skeletal remains were discovered in 1981, in the Australian town of Muttaburra, after which the dinosaur was named. This reptile is a relative of iguanodon and Camptosaurus.
Muttaburrasaurus was about 9 metres in length and 5 metres high and weighed around 3 tonnes. It had a strong body with a flexible, powerful neck. It moved on all fours limbs, but could lean on its hind limbs to reach topmost the topmost foliage. The bony bump on its snout might have been used either for intimidating predators or was a distinctive "maleness” feature. The limbs had three toes with a comfortable pad for walking. Thumbs were equipped with protective spikes.
Ironically, Muttaburrasaurus had no teeth in its anterior beak-like mouth. The teeth grew exclusively on the law sides. The dinosaur had mainly rough feed: ferns, horsetails, flowering plants, leaves. During the day, it fed on vast amounts of various herbs.