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The taiga, also known as the boreal forests, is a unique biome characterized by the presence of dense forests predominantly made up of coniferous trees.

During the Cretaceous period, pines, spruce (Picea), and Metasequoia could be found in the taiga. These trees adapted to cold climatic conditions, having needle-like leaves that help them cope with lengthy winters and moisture deficiency. The taiga also hosts a wide range of other plant species, such as lichens, mosses, ferns like Cladophlebis, and shrubs. The taiga terrain is often uneven, with hills, lakes, and rivers, and it also features extensive peatlands.

At the beginning of the Cretaceous period, the taiga stretched as a narrow band in the north of North America and at the very southern edge of Gondwana. However, periodic cooling in the middle of the Early Cretaceous facilitated the taiga's expansion to more extensive territories. Thus, the boreal forests began to occupy the north of modern Siberia, central areas of Austr...
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