arrow Allosaurus
Period of life:
155–145 MYA
USA and Portugal
Allosaurus Dino Pet
Allosaurus is a very well-known late Jurassic period theropod predator. It inhabited the territory of known US and Portugal 153-135 million years ago. They were widespread in the territories of the United States and Portugal. This species is one of the best-described carnivorous dinosaurs. The whole Allosaurus graveyard (about 60 specimen skeletons) was recovered in Utah, USA in 1841.
Allosaurus was one of the most ferocious predators of that time consuming purely flesh. Huge 11-metre body equal to three heavy vehicles was complimented by 1.5 tonnes weight and crowned with 1.5 metres head. Seventy sharp curved 15 cm teeth packed into the jaws and 5 metres height made it an ideal killing machine. The hinge joint bonding the jaws allowed wider mouth opening whilst attack. Extremely powerful jaws pressure easily crushed prey’s bones and tore apart flesh. The reptile even was gifted with multi dentition.
Allosaurus was decorated by a huge red crest from the eye sockets to the nose tip. Three bumps over the eye sockets protected the reptile from direct sunlight like a visor. Whilst preying the dinosaur roamed pretty fast through the territory with his powerful hind limbs about 1.5 metre length. Toes structure only enhanced speed as three toes looked forward and one backwards. The reptile could easily outrun a human and pinned a prey to the ground, spearing the skin injuring with the claws. Almost all species including Diplodocus, Apatosaurus and Stegosaurs giants could become a prey. The predator could hunt solely and in herds, could consume a carrion in case of starvation.
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