arrow Cryolophosaurus
Period of life:
186-183 MYA
Cryolophosaurus Dino Pet
Cryolophosaurus is a Saurischia theropod predator. The first fossils were recovered recently in Antarctica, 1990. William Hammer’s expedition trips from Illinois Augustan College, USA were lucky to recover the entire skeleton from a very first try. It was stoned in the permafrost and the paleontologists attempted to recover it for a few year seasons.
Antarctica used to be the part of Gondwana-giant southern continent of the Mesozoic era. That time it also included South Africa, South America and Australia. The climate was much warmer than now and perfectly suited various dinosaur species to flourish. Being a predator Cryolophosaurus had solely flesh feed. When hunting it used fast and powerful hind limbs and sharp curved inwards teeth.
The reptile was crowned by a really fancy headdress or disco style crest. It spanned across the entire skull. Both Monolophosaurus and Dilophosaurus had a crest along their skull, while Cryolophosaurus carried it across like a radar. It is assumed that this feature was only relevant for males. The name refers to the Latin "frozen crested lizard.”