arrow Suchomimus
Period of life:
125-112 MYA
Niger (West Africa)
Suchomimus Dino Pet
Suchomimus, whose name means "crocodile mimic", is a genus of theropod spinosaurid dinosaur. In 2010, scientists estimated the length of the Suchomimus at 9.5 meters with a height of 3-4 meters and weight of 2.5 tons. However, the fossils belonged to a young individual, so an adult lizard could grow up to 11 meters in length and weigh about 4 tons. Suchomimus is distinguished by an extremely long and narrow crocodile snout, at the tip of which there was an unusual dental "rosette" of 14 elongated fangs, and in total the dinosaur had about 122 teeth. Suchomimus possessed a small sail extending to the middle of the tail and formed by neural spikes. Visually, they resembled blades. One of the claws on the forelimbs, 35 cm long, could penetrate even a meter-long fish.
It was fish that made up the main diet of this ancient predator, fossils of which were found on the territory of Niger in 1997. The Elrhaz Formation, where Suchomimus was discovered, consists of river sandstones with low relief. During the period of Suchomimus, this place was a zone of river floodplains of fast rivers, the climate was tropical and very dry.