arrow Beelzebufo ampinga
Period of life:
70-66 MYA
Madagascar island (Africa)
Beelzebufo ampinga Dino Pet
Beelzebufo ampinga was a prehistoric amphibian that inhabited Madagascar during the Cenozoic era. Due to apartness of this island, the Beelzebufo ampinga, which is also called devil frog, was protected against giant dinosaurs, which allowed it to comfortably develop, successfully survive and hunt its smaller species counterparts.
The frog was named "Devil frog" for having two horn-like outgrowths on its head. modern horned frogs also have such outgrowths. Beelzebufo ampinga also had a shell, a feature rare enough for amphibians. After the Triassic period, amphibians preferred to do without such protection, and Beelzebufo's skull was entirely covered with bony growths. In addition, Beelzebufo's spine was also covered by bone armor. The menacing look of this giant frog of all that ever lived on our planet, was completed with rows of sharp teeth, because of which the amphibian was considered a dangerous predator.