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Period of life:
83.6-66 MYA
Argentina (South America)
Carnotaurus Dino Pet
Main information
Interesting facts
Carnotaurus belongs to the genus of carnivorous dinosaurs from the abelisaurid family, which lived during the Upper Cretaceous period about 70 million years ago in the territory of modern Argentina. This large pangolin was as tall as an African elephant and weighed as much as a car. In Latin, his name means "carnivorous bull". This massive meat lover was nicknamed so for two small horns above his eyes.
The dinosaur's eyes were very small, indicating poor eyesight. Large nostrils indicate a good sense of smell, the carnotaurus found the victim mainly by smell. The forelimbs were small and useless. Carnotaurus moved on two long legs. He was one of the fastest among the large predators of his time. The long and muscular tail served as a counterweight to the large head and helped to maintain balance. The dinosaur pounced on a potential victim and grabbed it with its teeth, trying to immobilize. Scientists suggest that sometimes carnotaurs could gather in packs to hunt large sauropods. Paleontologists were able to find an almost complete skeleton and skin impressions of an adult Carnotaurus. Thanks to such a successful find, the researchers studied the structure of the body of this ancient predator quite well.