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Period of life:
238 MYA
Lotosaurus Dino Pet
Lotosaurus is an ancient poposauroid known for the largest number of complete remains among this species. The lizard reached a length of 1.5-2.5 meters. Its distinctive feature is a toothless beak, which is why the lizard was called the Toothless Lotus Lizard.
The remains of a lotosaurus were found in a bone bed, which received the original name "Lotosaurus Site", in the Chinese region Batung. There, in 2018, parts of 38 individuals of lotosaurs of different ages were discovered, which may indicate that this animal led a herd lifestyle.
Lotosaurus was a herbivore moving on four legs, cutting off leaves with its toothless beak-shaped jaws. Lotosaurus had a sail on its back, giving it a look similar in appearance to permian pelycosaur. These dinosaurs lived in cooler and wetter terrain than other poposauroids, so it is possible that they led a semi-aquatic lifestyle.