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Period of life:
125-122 MYA
Sinosauropteryx Dino Pet
Sinosauropteryx is a theropod coated with feathers. It lived during the early Cretaceous period about 125 million years ago. Its fossils were found in 1996 by Chinese farmer Li Yumin in Liaoning Province.
The paleontologist John Ostomy was excited by this fantastic recovery. It was him who in 1970 pioneered the theory that birds evolved from dinosaurs. And this lucky discovery in China confirmed his theory.
Sinosauropteryx was not a large dinosaur of 1 metre in length including tail, with an estimated weight of 0.55 kilograms. It had 64 vertebrae in its tail constituting 70% of its entire length. Perhaps such size of feathered ending provided its owner with better maneuverability. Strong hind limbs and ideal body balance enabled fast movement.
The dinosaur body was covered with thin red filament feathers assembling a mane on top of the skull. Its plumage was likely used for thermal insulation.
“Chinese feathered reptile” fed on small reptiles flesh and insects as well. It chewed the food thoroughly with numerous sharp teeth curved inwardly.