arrow Liliensternus
Period of life:
228-201 MYA
Germany and Switzerland (Europe)
Liliensternus Dino Pet
Liliensternus was a large bipedal terrestrial predator and one of the largest among the European theropod dinosaurs of the Triassic period known to scientists: its body length could reach more than 5 meters. Its skeleton was compiled from fossil remains from Upper Triassic deposits of modern Germany and Switzerland and described in 1934.
Liliensternus is thought to have been an active hunter who hunted large herbivorous dinosaurs (such as Plateosaurus) present in its paleoenvironment. This is indicated by the massive shape of the teeth of the ancient predator. A number of scientists believe that this dinosaur could use its slashing tooth arrays to disable prosauropods and its speed to catch swift ornithischians.