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Period of life:
70-66 MYA
Majungasaurus Dino Pet
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Majungasaurus is a predatory abelisaurid that lived at the end of the Cretaceous period about 70 million years ago, in Madagascar. Found in 1896 by French scientists, two teeth and several vertebrae of Majungasaurus are believed to be the first carnivorous dinosaur fossils on the island. This predatory dinosaur moved at a low average speed on two strong, but relatively short legs, which allowed it to make rapid jerks over short distances. The head of Majungasaurus was broad and high, with strong jaws equipped with short wide teeth. Their shape provided additional grip when capturing prey and served as a formidable weapon against the small inhabitants of the Mesozoic Madagascar. In general, Mayungasaurs were a stocky theropod with a large mass for its length. Majungasaurus may have used a hunting strategy similar to that of modern felids, which bite once and hold onto prey until it weakens. In their ecosystem, the Majungasaurs were apex predators, a storm of herbivorous sauropods, in the hunt for which they specialized in the harsh natural conditions of prehistoric Madagascar.