arrow Postosuchus
Period of life:
221-203 MYA
Postosuchus Dino Pet
Postosuchus is the oldest reptile inhabiting Texas, Arizona and the New Mexico territory about 227 million years ago. Its name means “Crocodile from Post city”.
With 4-5 metres body length, 2 metres height and 300-400 kilograms weight the reptile was one of the largest Triassic period carnivorous dinosaurs that terrified all surrounding habitat creatures. The appearance was similar to a stretched lizard moving on powerful hind limbs and had an almost 2-metre long tail. The forelimbs were two times shorter than hind limbs, however, were unusually long for that period, and ended up in claws
A wide skull with powerful jaws embedded a dense sharp teeth fence. Strong covering plates for head and back provided enough protection from the attackers. The diet of the Postosuchus included herbivorous dinosaurs like Placerias . It scanned the surroundings spotting a prey remotely - then ambushed, and made a fast kill.