arrow Anchiornis
Period of life:
165–153 MYA
Anchiornis Dino Pet
Anchiornis is a well- known species of small feathered dinosaurs inhabited few China areas in the Jurassic period about 167.7-155.7 million years ago.
Threropod first fossils were unearthed in Liaoning province, China. Anchiornis thorough description was completed in 2009. It was one of the smallest dinosaurs. Its size was estimated at 34 centimetres from it beak to the tail tip and 110-250 grams weight.
It is widely thought that Anchiornis is the missing link between dinosaurs and birds hence the generic name Anchiornis in Latin means “Near bird”. According to paleontologist’s data, the feathered dinosaur had chicken-like long legs, and the wing-like forelimbs. However, scientists doubt that this small theropod-reptile could fly because long legs usually a strong runner indication. The fact is that its hind limbs were long, which is indicative of a land runner.
Anchiornis was completely feathered reptile with long downy feathers covered almost the entire body including toes except for a muzzle and claws. Its plumage was mostly black with white strips running along its forelimbs and its head was crowned with an orange feather crest.