arrow Rhamphorhynchus
Period of life:
151-149 MYA
United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Tanzania, Angola
Rhamphorhynchus Dino Pet
Rhamphorhynchus is a genus of flying long-tailed pterosaurs lived in the Jurassic period 160-140 million years ago. They roamed the sky over Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Tanzania, and Angola present territories.
Rhamphorhynchus had large, elongated, and pointed skull with the increased intermaxillary bone shaped a beak. Reptile mouth housed needle-like, angled forward and stuck out in different directions teeth resembled a rickety woody fence. Rhamphorhynchus preyed by dragging its wide opened beak in the water and snapping up fish whilst soaring over the water surface. This preying pattern provided an opportunity not to drench wing membranes.
These flying reptiles were not fastidious about larvae underneath the bark. A real feast occurred in case they found animal egg in the shore sand. Flying reptiles dwelt in large rookeries along the water reservoir shores or coastal rocks.
Bats and birds evolved a popular misconception from Rhamphorhynchus. However, Pterosaurus are not related to either birds or bats. The appearance of flight in pterosaurs was separate from the evolution of flight in birds and bats.