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Period of life:
68-66 MYA
Tyrannosaurus Dino Pet
Tyrannosaurus is a gigantic extremely popular Late Cretaceous period dinosaur inhabited western North America about 68 million years ago. Tyrannosaurus, whose name means “king of the tyrant lizards”, was one of the most ruthless predators ever walking the Earth.
It is often called T-Rex where “Rex” means a “king”. This is explained by its huge body size. It was 12 metres long and weighed about 9 tonnes. It height to the hip was about four metres. Such a massive body was balanced by stiff and long tail. It moved on two muscular hind limbs. Its forelimbs looked funny being disproportionately small but were ended up with two sharp claws. It should have been caused by mighty and terrible jaws, which T-Rex crunched other dinosaurs with. By the way, scientists cannot exactly determine if the reptile was a predator or scavenger yet.
Its skull was very massive and heavy reaching 1.5 metres in length. Its jaws were full of sharp, razor-like teeth as well as large banana-shaped teeth. The largest tooth was 30 cm in length including a root. Some bones had hollow structure so Tyrannosaurus had no difficulties bearing its heavy carcass. It was capable of reaching 27 km/h. The dinosaur could boast of an excellent binocular vision, even better than a hawk. It also had good sense of smell and acute hearing. The “king lizard” lived about 30 years continually preying the surroundings.