arrow Nasutoceratops
Period of life:
76 MYA
North America
Nasutoceratops Dino Pet
Nasutoceratops, a horned dinosaur from prehistoric American Utah, is considered to be one of the most interesting discoveries of 2013. Its name comes from the Latin word "nosey" and the ancient Greek phrase "horned face".
This horned herbivorous dinosaur moved on four thick legs, with the hind legs shorter than the front. Although nasutoceratops was not posessing outstanding speed qualities, but its horns were a serious threat to predators. The presence of pneumatic elements in the nasal bones of Nasutoceratops are a unique trait and are unknown in any other ceratopsid.
The plateau where these dinosaurs lived more than 75 million years ago was an ancient floodplain dominated by large canals and abundant swamped peat bogs, ponds and lakes and bordered the highlands. This formation of ancient America contains the most complete and continuous paleontological data on Late Cretaceous life on Earth.