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Period of life:
166–163 MYA
Monolophosaurus Dino Pet
Monolophosaurus is a Jurassic period carnivorous theropod from Allosauroidea superfamily. First fossils were recently discovered in 1981 in Xinjiang, China. It is assumed Monolophosaurus only inhabited Celestial Empire territory 166 to 163 million years ago.
Monolophosaurus ("single-crested lizard") got its name thanks to the crimson crest along the entire skull. This crown was actually hollow leading to an assumption it served as a sounds amplifying chamber. However, the hollow structure was also useful to put off some load and let the reptile easily move ahead.
The skull of eighty centimetres length was flat. The upper jaw contained 13 teeth, enforced with four anterior bone ones. Eighteen teeth pack stretched along the mandible right side and seventeen on the left. Asymmetrical teeth number was very typical for theropods.
The reptile was about 5 metres length and 475 kilograms weight.
Highly pneumatized vertebral column gave support to a body structure. The spine actually included 9 cervical vertebrae, 14 dorsals, and 5 sacrals. Monolophosaurus belonged to the hard tail theropods (Tetanurans) meaning its tail was parallel to the ground whilst movement, but not mopping the surface. This feature allowed a carnivore to move fast when chasing a prey.