arrow Megazostrodon
Period of life:
209-200 MYA
South Africa
Megazostrodon Dino Pet
Megazostrodon is a small, furry mammal with a pointy muzzle and a long tail, very similar to a shrew. This species lived about 225 million years ago, from the Late Triassic to the Early Jurassic. Modern-day mammals presumably descended from the Megazostrodon.
Megazostrodon inhabited burrows and was a nocturnally active animal for extra protection from predators. It was only 10 cm size, possibly becoming a prey to almost anyone. Its feed included insects, tiny reptiles, dinosaur eggs and even worms. Megazostrodon has been egg laying, however, breastfed cubs instead of abandoning.
This seemingly harmless animal was a ruthless hunter. Thanks to the remarkable teeth variety, including canines, incisors, premolars, and molars it could easily crush an insect hard carapace and consume it. Megazostrodon used its powerful limbs for predator’s protection. Skeletal joints had a great freedom of movement, making it very agile and fast.
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