arrow Pachycephalosaurus
Period of life:
70–66 MYA
Canada, USA
Pachycephalosaurus Dino Pet
Pachycephalosaurus is a thick-headed dinosaur of the Pachycephalosauridae family lived during the Cretaceous period 70 million years ago. Main habitat area was North America and Canada bushlands. The first reptile fossils were discovered in 1859 near the Missouri River. That time scientists had difficulties identifying it, but in 1943 perfectly saved skull recovery definitely determined the owner.
In fact, a huge 25-centimetres bony ball-like dome crowned Pachycephalosaurus head. The dome rear part was edged with bony knobs and short spikes. The ancient reptile had an excellent binocular vision due to its large eye sockets. A muzzle with jaws full of small serrated blade-like teeth ended up with a pointed beak. It moved on two powerful limbs, weighed 1000 kilograms and was about 4.5 m long.
It fed on small plants such as leaves, seeds, and fruits. From time to time, it included meat of small reptiles, mammals and shell-less ones in its diet. The reptile required big feed amounts as it used its head for agonistic fighting against predators or for females. Picking up speed, Pachycephalosaurus was leaning forward to straighten its body horizontally, and rammed at the enemy like a truck putting all its massive body strength to the blow. A head-butt, absorbed by the strong backbone, could bring a contender down.
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