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Coasts are referred to as the strip of land that runs along the border of land and sea. They can be very diverse and include sandy and clay beaches, cliffs, swamps, river deltas, coastal reefs, and many other types of landscapes. Coasts possess a rich biological diversity that includes a variety of plant and animal species, from small invertebrates to large vertebrates. They serve as important places for reproduction, feeding, and resting for many species.

During the Cretaceous period, the sea level was significantly higher than it is today. This led to the formation of numerous inland seas, surrounded by a variety of coasts.

The vegetation on the coasts of the Cretaceous was extensive and diverse, dominated by flowering plants that first appeared at the beginning of this period. By this time, ancient palms, including coconut (Cocos), sprawling trees and shrubs with flowers, such as Paleoclusia, could be found, intriguingly intermingling with typical Mesozoic ferns, conifers, and...
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