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Period of life:
96-92 MYA
Argentinosaurus Dino Pet
Argentinosaurus is the heaviest and most massive of all Sauropods ever inhabited planet Earth. It lived in South America territory during the Cretaceous period. An Argentinian farmer discovered the first Argentinosaurus fossils in 1987 near the Neuquén Province. The landowner was confused having messed the huge dinosaur thighbone with a tree branch. Later he recovered a huge dinosaur vertebra about 1.59 metres high similar to a teenager 15-16 years old height.
With a 6 metres height, 30 metres length and 100 tonnes weight Argentinosaurus was a real titan amongst reptiles. Only Supersaurus, Ultrasaurus and Seismosaurus could rival it, however, Argentinosaurus had much heavier weight.
The giant sauropod consumed vegetation, moved on four limbs had a long tail and neck crowned with a small head. Two causes of the reptile mammoth size were anatomy and high oxygen concentration in the atmosphere. The Argentinosaurus move at up to 8 km/h speed, faster than the average human walking speed (4-5 km/h).