arrow Megalodon
Period of life:
23–4 MYA
Atlantic and Pacific oceans
Megalodon Dino Pet
Megalodon is a gigantic shark roamed the oceans and seas about 28 to 3 million years ago. The first recovered teeth were once believed to be the petrified tongues snakes. Later in 1667 Danish naturalist Nicolas Steno disclosed the fossils origin. In 1835 naturalist Louis Agassiz gave this shark its initial scientific name "big tooth”.
Megaladon was the apex predator of that time meaning it had no rivals among other aquatic dwellers. Measuring 15-18 metres and weighing 35 tonnes Megalodon was the largest aquatic creature ever lived on Earth. Giant shark spinal column was perfectly strengthened with large calcium amount to support such a weight and withstand the load of muscle work. Nature gave it a real deadly weapon, 276 enormously sized teeth. One tooth could reach 19 cm in length.
The marine beast fed on big fish, sea cows, pinnipeds and small whales. The large jaws could exert a bite force of up to 10.8 tonnes Newton. Its bite could crumple the whale ribcage as a paper sheet. Megalodon lived in warm tropical and subtropical waters. This unique marine giant became extinct 3 million years ago. Oceans cooling and emergence of smarter toothed whales living in pods may have contributed to Megalodon extinction. They were smaller and faster, as a result Megaladon offspring often became prey for whales.