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Period of life:
231-228 MYA
Argentina (South America)
Eoraptor Dino Pet
Eoraptor is a small Triassic period possible dinosaurs ancestor inhabited Argentina more than 230 million years ago. First fossils were discovered in 1991 during excavations in the Ischigualasto National Park, in the Valle de la Luna site. That gave the dinosaur the name “moon planderer” or “dawn plunderer” from the Valley of the Moon".
The Eoraptor was tiny for that period with 1.7 metres a body length and 5-10 kilograms weight. The reptile related to bipedal species and moved on three toed hind limbs. The forelimbs length was only 50% of hind ones with five digits and sharp claws. Several blunt teeth common for prosauropods packed the jaw back part alongside with a few theropods-like sharp teeth. Interestingly enough this dinosaur possessed both herbivorous and carnivorous features. Its diet included insects and lizards, and it presumably did not reject carrion eating larger reptiles’ remains.