Tropical and subtropical forests
Tropical and subtropical forests 3D Dinopedia
Tropical and subtropical forests are among the most diverse and rich ecosystems on Earth. They are located in tropical and subtropical latitudes, where the climate is warm and humid all year round.

One of the characteristic features of tropical forests is their diverse vegetation. Tropical and subtropical forests of the Mesozoic era still differed greatly from modern rainforests. Ancient trees had significantly smaller crowns and did not form a single canopy. Therefore, the forests were noticeably brighter, more akin to modern temperate zone sunny forests, rather than mysterious dark jungles. There was no clear tiering - vegetation was mainly limited to large trees and grass growing under their mighty branches.

During the Triassic, these forests were composed of fern trees (spore and seed), as well as the most diverse gymnosperms. In the tropics, you could meet dozens of species of broad-leaved Ginkgoales, conifers (Araucarioxylon, Pelourdea) with powerful trunks, sprawling branc...
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