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Period of life:
99-94 MYA
Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Niger
Carcharodontosaurus Dino Pet
Carcharodontosaurus lived at the end of the Cretaceous period, about 100 million years ago, in northern Africa. Their fossils have been found in Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Niger. These theropods are among the four largest carnivorous dinosaurs that lived in prehistoric evergreen forests and hunted smaller predators and herbivorous dinosaurs. An enormous long skull of Carcharodontosaurus was sharp and reached a length of 160 cm. The dinosaurs moved on two strong and large legs. Its solemn body ended in a long tail that balanced the heavy head and body. Carcharodontosaurus got its name from huge teeth that impressed scientists during the excavations. They were at least 12 cm long and their shape resembled teeth of a huge ancient shark. This resemblance determined the name of the dinosaur, which in Greek means "shark-toothed lizard". Due to the unique shape of teeth, the remains of this dinosaur are easy to recognize among other fossils. At the time of Carcharodontosaurus, the area of the Sahara Desert, which today occupies almost all of northern Africa, was covered with moist green forests and vast plains with full-flowing rivers. This formidable predator felt great in such environment.