Mangrove forests and bayous
Mangrove forests and bayous 3D Dinopedia
Mangrove forests and bayous are two interrelated biomes associated with coastal marine and brackish ecosystems. They are found in tropical and subtropical regions around the world where a warm and humid climate is prevalent.

Mangrove forests are ecosystems that grow at river estuaries, in tidal zones. They are characterized by the presence of dense mangrove trees, which are adapted to life in salt water and periodic flooding. Mangroves have special adaptations such as aerial roots that allow them to grow in soft or sandy soils, extending above the water for access to air. They also have salt-impermeable bark and special mechanisms for filtering salt from the water they absorb.

Mangrove trees have been known since the Cretaceous period. For example, Barringtonioxylon and Avicennia. In addition, there were mangrove ferns - Acrostichum.

Bayous are flat coastal landscapes formed in the deltas of some rivers with an extremely slow current. In this case, vast spaces are covered with...
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