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Period of life:
220-201 MYA
6 m
Isanosaurus Dino Pet
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Interesting facts
Isanosaurus is an Upper Triassic sauropods early specimen, inhibited Thailand territory 210 million years ago. It has got mostly primitive shape and moved on two limbs. The first recovered fossils included several tail vertebrae, cervical and dorsal remains, ribs and thigh fragments.
Isanosaurus was about 4 metres long and 6.5 metres high. Like all sauropodomorphs, it had a long powerful tail and long flexible neck with a small head. The reptile was also capable of moving on all four five-toed limbs. Thigh fragments indicated its pillar-like limbs were massive and powerful. Cervical vertebrae structure was convex in the forepart and concave in the back.
Isanosaurus inhabited plains and bushlands. Its diet included he top tree foliage.