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Sparse woodlands were something in between fern savannas and the forests of the Jurassic period. This was an open space covered with herbaceous ferns and numerous, but far apart trees. Thus, sparse woodlands were somewhat of a "transitional", intermediate zone.

Among the trees, seed ferns like Adiantites were found, but the majority were gymnosperms, for example, Hermanophyton. There were also many peculiar plants – Bennettitales, for instance, Anomozamites, gymnosperms whose bright cones attracted insects, just like flowers.

The fauna of sparse woodlands also had a largely "transitional" look. Here you could meet typical inhabitants of the forests, such as Kentrosaurus, as well as residents of open spaces, examples are Diplodocus, Allosaurus. But there were animals for which the sparse woodlands became their native home. These include long-necked dinosaurs like Brachiosaurus, Giraffatitan, and also the predator Monolophosaurus. Some animals felt comfortable in very diverse condi...
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