Savannas and plains
Savannas and plains 3D Dinopedia
"Savannahs", "steppes", and "pampas" - very widespread biomes today. They are open, relatively flat spaces covered with a green carpet of plants with very rare trees and shrubs. The basis of all these biomes are plants that in simple speech we call "grass". A large part of this grass, from a biological point of view, is cereals - fast-growing herbaceous flowering plants with specific fruits - spikes. The first cereals appear in nature only at the end of the Paleogene period, and real savannahs spread around the world already in the Neogene.

However, even before the emergence of modern "savannahs", there were plain spaces where grasses dominated. But this was not the usual "lawn grass". The main herbaceous plants were represented by ferns. There were also other plants - horsetails and clubmosses. But the main, dominant plant was indeed ferns. This has allowed some paleontologists to highlight a special biome "fern savannah".

Just like in the modern world, the basis of the Jurassic...
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