arrow Placerias
Period of life:
230-218 MYA
Floodplains, forests, woodlands
Placerias Dino Pet
Placerias is a huge dicynodont inhabiting USA territory more than 220 million years ago. It mainly inhabited Arizona, particularly Chinle town surroundings. The fossils were found on lake and river shores making the habitat similar to living hippos.
The Placerias was hippo size and very similar in appearance as well. Massive barrel shaped body weighing about a tonne leaned on powerful limbs. Heavy tusks protruded from large head with a bone beak maxilla. The reptile presumably sliced the tree foliage with a horn-like bump. Tusks served for digging out roots and bulbs. Whilst in danger the dinosaur scared attackers and head-butted other males in mating season with sharp fangs.
The animal roamed in herds through river basin areas. All its free time, the Placerias ate a lot to provide energy to its large 3.5-metre body. At times, it retreated to the forest depths sheltering from crocodile rauisuchia and prestosuchus predators.