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Woodlands refer to a type of forest characterized by a relatively low density of trees, which are noticeably distant from each other and do not form a closed forest canopy. They are most commonly found in the temperate climatic zone. The composition of vegetation varies greatly across different continents, latitudes, and even depends on the altitude above sea level. Woodlands are a key part of the forest tundra biome.

In the woodlands of the Quaternary period, you could encounter animals such as mammoths (Mammuthus), Merck's rhinoceros (Stephanorhinus), giant deer (Megaloceras), saber-toothed tigers, and many others. However, it should be noted that these animals did not live simultaneously. Over 2.6 million years of the Quaternary period, the fauna of the woodlands changed several times. Even the mammoths varied - 1.8 million years ago, the Southern Mammoths (Mammuthus meridionalis) lived in the woodlands. Their descendants, the Steppe Mammoths (Mammuthus trogontherii), appeared 70...
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