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The steppe is a natural zone characterized by open spaces, low vegetation, and flat relief. Unlike savannahs, steppes are typically found in a colder climate (in the temperate zone), although they can also be found in the subtropics. Steppes almost completely lack tree vegetation; the plants are represented by grasses, what we most often call grass, for example, bouteloua (Bouteoua), eriocomas (Eriocoma), and piptochaetium (Piptochaetium), as well as various herbs.

Steppes first appeared in the Neogene and spread rapidly around the world. At present, this biome occupies especially vast expanses in Eurasia and North America.

The climate of the steppes is typically sharply continental and harsh, with significant temperature fluctuations during the day. Even more significant are seasonal variations - in winter the temperature can drop several tens of degrees below zero, and in summer it can rise above +40. Precipitation is low on average throughout the year, but it can be quite abun...
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