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Tropical rainforests are a biome characterized by a high level of precipitation (from 2000 to 10000 mm per year), consistently high temperatures (25-28° C), and rich biodiversity. In common language, these forests are called "jungles". The current rainforests account for the maximum diversity of living creatures. Here, hundreds of animal species can be found on a single tree! And the flora is incredibly diverse - hundreds of various trees, mosses, vines, ferns, and fungi. Plants form several levels: undergrowth, lower canopy, middle canopy, upper canopy, and tree tops. This creates a complex structure, providing space for a large number of species.

Presumably, the world of Paleogene and Neogene rainforests was just as diverse. However, moist soil with a large number of fungi and bacteria is a very poor place for the formation of fossils. For this reason, we only know a small part of the former diversity of this biome.

The Quaternary period has only lasted 2.6 million years and co...
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