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The tundra is a biome characteristic of the northern regions of the Earth. Most of the tundra is a relatively flat, less often hilly space, covered with very sparse plants and fungi. Below a thin layer of infertile soil lies millennia-old perennially frozen ground - permafrost. The climatic features of the tundra include low temperatures, a short summer, and long, harsh winters.

The flora and fauna of the tundra adapt to extreme conditions. The tundra is usually characterized by mosses, lichens, small grasses, such as cotton grass (Eriophorum), sandwort (Eremogone), berries, and low shrubs. Trees are very rare, and those that exist often take on dwarf forms. An example of this is the dwarf birch.

The animal life of the tundra includes migratory birds, polar owls, lemmings, hares, reindeer, wolves, brown bears, foxes, and other creatures adapted to the cold. Some of them change their coloration in the summer period to match the environment. There are more birds here than mammals,...