Savannas and plains
Savannas and plains 3D Dinopedia
Savannahs are natural zones with a tropical and subtropical climate, located on flat terrain. Modern savannahs are characterized by a large number of grassy plants. Especially numerous are grasses, for example, Bermuda grass (Cýnodon dáctylon), forming endless fields. Much less often, you can find shrubs or trees in the expanses of the savannah. And, of course, the types of plants will noticeably differ on different continents. For example, in African savannahs, which cover a large part of the continent, you can find a very characteristic tree with a twisted stem - the twisted acacia (Acacia tortilis) and one of the largest trees of modern times - the baobab (Adansonia digitata).

During the Quaternary period, glacial and interglacial epochs constantly alternated. This contributed to the change in the boundary of the spread of the savannah zone on different continents.

Today, the savannah is found in the subtropical and tropical belts of all continents, except Antarctica. But it o...
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