Mammoth steppes
Mammoth steppes 3D Dinopedia
Mammoth steppes, also known as tundra steppes, originated in the Pleistocene epoch, during the times of glacial periods. Research indicates that these unique ecosystems existed from approximately 126,000 to 11,700 years ago. Mammoth steppes were the most extensive biome on Earth, covering massive areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Unfortunately, this natural type of landscape has now completely disappeared. Modern tundra, while reminiscent of mammoth steppes, differs in the scarcity of their biodiversity. We can also see steppes rich in vegetation and wildlife diversity, but they are usually located in warmer climatic zones.

Mammoth steppes were in very harsh glacial conditions. Long and continuous winters, a short summer. Underneath the soil layer - multi-meter permafrost. But remarkably, in such extreme conditions, a unique environment was formed with fields covered with numerous tall grasses, herbs, such as goosefoot (Chenopodium), motherwort (Leonurus), brome (Bromus), and even r...
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