Savannas and plains
Savannas and plains 3D Dinopedia
Savannas are natural zones with a tropical and subtropical climate, located on flat terrain. Modern savannas are characterized by a large number of herbaceous (especially cereal) plants, sparse shrubs, and trees. This biome took on this appearance in the Neogene period. Of course, flat areas covered with various herbs existed in previous geological epochs. But only at the end of the Paleogene period did numerous cereals appear, capable of growing at a fantastic speed, wresting land from all other plants. Starting from the middle of the Neogene period, savannas began to rapidly reclaim spaces from forests, occupying almost all equatorial territories.

Thanks to a more temperate climate than today, savannas were able to spread over large distances both north and south, becoming one of the most widely distributed biomes on Earth. First, cereal pastures conquered Eurasia and North America, after which they spread to South America and Africa. The spread of the savanna in Australia began r...
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