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Tropical rainforests are a biome characterized by a high level of precipitation (from 2000 to 10000 mm per year), consistently high temperatures (25-28° C), and rich biodiversity. In casual conversation, such forests are called "jungles".

Modern rainforests harbor the maximum diversity of living creatures. Here, you can encounter hundreds of animal species literally on a single tree! And the plant world is incredibly diverse - hundreds of different trees, mosses, lianas, ferns, mushrooms. Plants grow in several layers: undergrowth, lower tier, middle tier, upper tier, and the canopy. This creates a complex structure, providing space for the life of a large number of species.

Apparently, the world of Neogene period rainforests was just as diverse. However, moist soil with a large number of fungi and bacteria is a very poor place for the formation of fossils. For this reason, we only know a small part of the former diversity of this biome.

Based on the fossils available to us, w...
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