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Seashores are the transitional zone between land and sea. Coastlines can be very diverse and include sandy and clay beaches, cliffs, marshes, river deltas, coastal reefs, and many other types of landscapes. Sea coasts have rich biological diversity, including many species of plants and animals, from small invertebrates to large vertebrates. They serve as important places for reproduction, feeding, and rest for many species.

In terms of landscape diversity, the coasts of the Triassic period were little different from modern ones. But the composition of animals and plants was entirely different. All plants that grew on the coast had to be resistant to an increased concentration of salts in the soil. As we know, such plants today can be found among palm trees. Similar trees were in the Triassic, among spore ferns (Dicroidium) and seed ferns (Johnstonia), as well as among gymnosperms (for example, the gnetum-like tree Yabeiella).

You could see various animals on the coast, such as sm...