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Woodlands are a type of forest characterized by a relatively low density of trees, standing apart from each other at a noticeable distance and not forming a closed forest canopy. They are most often found in the temperate climatic zone. They are part of the forest-tundra.

Like many other Paleogene biomes, the woodlands of that time were little different from modern ones. In such places, one could encounter, for example, the alder (Alnus), familiar to many. Though there were, of course, extinct trees as well, such as Tsukada.

In the undergrowth, herbaceous angiosperms dominated. Overall, the composition of the vegetation changed a lot on different continents, at different latitudes, and even depended on the altitude above sea level (just like in the modern world).

The fauna of the Paleogene forests was quite different. Here you could encounter large horned ungulates, Megacerops. The largest animals of the period, Paraceratherium, liked to wander among the trees. In the forests...
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