Lakes and marshes
Lakes and marshes 3D Dinopedia
Lakes and swamps represent a special community of organisms. Aquatic inhabitants stand out with their ability to live in stagnant water with a high content of organic substances. And the creatures living on the shores of lakes and swamps are extremely moisture-loving. At the same time, the soils around lakes, and especially swamps, are poor in minerals, which creates certain difficulties for the development of flora.

Throughout the Paleogene, the climate in most parts of the Earth was characterized by high humidity. This contributed to the widespread distribution of lake-marsh territories on the surface of all continents.

Swamps and lakes were surrounded by various vegetation, very similar to what we can find today. In the lakes of the temperate zone, you could find horsetails, mosses, ferns, and various flowering grasses, and among the trees - coniferous cypresses, and again dozens of species of flowering plants, such as birch, maple, and others.

The shores of tropical lakes...
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