Mountain forests
Mountain forests 3D Dinopedia
Mountain forests, also known as alpine forests, are ecosystems that are located in mountain regions around the world. They possess their own unique features and a diversity of flora and fauna.

The biome of mountain forests is typically found at altitudes ranging from 1,000 to 3,500 meters above sea level, but depending on geographic location, climate, and geology, this can vary.

The climate in mountain forests is characterized by cool summers and cold winters. The forests receive a substantial amount of precipitation, both in the form of snow and rain. Weather conditions in mountain forests can be extremely unpredictable and rapidly changing.

These forests could be found on the slopes of any ancient mountains. During the Paleogene period, they might have occupied vast spaces on the Cordilleras, Andes, in the mountains of Southeast Asia, on the gradually growing Tibet and Himalayas, and other places.

The flora of mountain forests has a high degree of diversity. The trees gro...
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