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Seacoasts are the land areas located along the boundary of land and sea. They can be very diverse and include sandy and clay beaches, cliffs, swamps, river deltas, coastal reefs, and many other types of landscapes. Seacoasts possess rich biological diversity, including numerous species of plants and animals, from small invertebrates to large vertebrates. They serve as important places for reproduction, feeding, and resting for many species.

Vegetation of the Paleogene period on the coasts had to adapt to the increased salt content in the soils. Palms, for example, Palmacites, and many other species, such as flowering plants already very similar to modern ones, such as Sideroxylon, Zanthoxylum, semi-aquatic palms, such as Nypa, were perfectly able to adapt to these conditions.

Various types of birds, reptiles, and invertebrates could be encountered on the coasts, some of which underwent adaptations to a semi-aquatic lifestyle. Some birds preferred to nest on rocky coasts, which be...